Volunteer with the PCOC

The Princeton Club of Orange County is at its best when alumni volunteers offer their talents and time to bring events and activities to life.

We are on the “prowl” for alumni to help us serve our local alums even better. There are many opportunities in which alums, current students and parents can become involved. We encourage you to contact us today with your interest or suggestions that would help the PCOC serve our local alums even better.

In particular, the club is seeking volunteers to:

  • Help bring together the younger alumni from Orange County for special events
  • Design and maintain the www.octigers.com website
  • Help produce newsletters for the club
  • Organize sports events and teams for the participation of our local alumni
  • Offer their home or office location for an upcoming PCOC event

We are currently looking for volunteers to fill the following positions:

  • The Annual Dinner Chair leads a team of volunteers to coordinate the PCOC’s Annual Dinner & Tiger Tribute, held in the fall. This is generally the club’s biggest event of the year, with local alumni, current students and Princeton parents attending. It is a great way to connect and reconnect with fellow alums.
  • The Graduate Alumni Chair helps to organize events and activities of interest to the 100+ Princeton graduate school alumni living in Orange County.

If you are interested in either of these roles or volunteering in another capacity with the Princeton Club of Orange County, please e-mail us.