Global NetNight 2015 – March 3

Are you interested in connecting with fellow Tigers to further your career development and strengthen your network? Please join us for this year’s Global NetNight.

We could use your help to put together a Global NetNight for 2015! Contact us at

On March 3, 2015, Princeton regional associations around the world will host in-person networking events — NetNights. This year, the Alumni Council Committee on Careers is pleased to announce that we will be partnering with the Office of Career Services and Princeton’s new Executive Director of Career Services Pulin Sanghvi for Career and Life Vision: Define Your Legacy.

Using concepts from their Career and Life Vision program, Pulin and his team will provide video segments and small group interactive exercises designed to help you discover new insights about yourself and what matters most to you. This is the same program that was launched on campus in January 2014, and has already reached hundreds of students and alumni. You will leave Global Net Night with a new understanding of yourself and inspiration to follow the path most consistent with your unique vision of a happy and meaningful life.

What is a NetNight?
A NetNight is a Princeton-affiliated networking event, organized by a regional association, that brings together Princetonians who want to further their career development and strengthen their network. A NetNight has three hallmark components:

– A speaker focused on a career-related topic

– A structured networking exercise

– A traditional networking reception

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