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The Princeton Club of Orange County is at its best when volunteers offer their talents and time to bring events and activities to life. We are on the “prowl” for volunteers to help us with several needs. If you have an interest in helping the PCOC, please contact us at:

Princeton Club of Orange County
E-mail Us
Phone: 949-464-7605

In particular, the club is seeking volunteers to:

  • Help bring together the younger alumni from Orange County for special events
  • Maintain the website
  • Help produce newsletters for the club
  • Organize sports events and teams for the participation of our local alumni
  • Offer their home or office location for an upcoming PCOC event

We are currently looking for volunteers to fill the following position:

  • Annual Dinner Chair
  • Princeton in Education Chair
  • Graduate Alumni Coordinator

There are many opportunities in which alums, current students and parents can become involved. We encourage you to contact us today with your interest or suggestions that would help the PCOC serve our local alums even better.



2017-2018 Princeton Club of Orange County Officers

Seth Grossman ’94
Chris Porter ’98
Cindy Barnard ’85
Roger Philips ’67
Ashley Cordell Cook ’95
Morgan Streech ’05
Colby Hahn ’12
Chris Looney ’95
Michael Eidam ’96
Haley Wan ’18
Barbara Patej P’12
Alumni Schools Committee Co-chair
Alumni Schools Committee Co-chair
Young Alumni Chair
Book Award Coordinator
Ivy-Plus Representative
Current Student Representative
Parent Coordinator