Alumni Schools Committee Interviews

Help us reach our goal of interviewing each high school senior applying to Princeton University this year. Early Action interviews were held in November, and regular admission interviews will be held in January and February.

If you are interested in interviewing in Orange County East and/or Orange County West, contact:
Orange County East – Morgan Streech ’05
Orange County West – Ashley Cordell Cook ’95

The Alumni Schools Committee is the most popular, invigorating, and low-cost way for alumni to support Princeton – presenting the University favorably to prospective students, informing the Admission office through perceptive interviews and reports, and helping to win those admitted for the “best new place of all.” With the mission of meeting bright, interesting applicants from your region, the Alumni Schools Committee is open to all alumni – especially those inclined to build for the future in this most personal way.

Over the last few years, we experienced a surge in applications – more than 450 high school seniors from Orange County submitted applications last year! We want to make sure that we have the alumni support necessary to reach out to all the students who apply to Princeton from the Orange County area. In the interest of fundamental fairness, it is our goal to offer an interview to each applicant.

On behalf of these deserving young people and on behalf of Princeton, please consider stepping up to help us reach our goal of interviewing each applicant.

Interviewers typically interview 3-5 students each year, but we welcome those of you willing to do even one interview if that is what works for your schedule. You do not have to live or work in one of these regions to volunteer. Many students are willing to travel to an interview and phone interviews are also welcome if a face-to-face interview is not possible. You will be making a great contribution not only to Princeton but to your community and will glean some real enjoyment in the process.

Click here for more information about the Alumni Schools Committee interviews.