2008 Award – Ellen Junn *84

Ellen Junn *84 was the recipient of the Princeton Club of Orange County’s second service award, presented at the club’s annual dinner on October 30, 2008 at the Newport Harbor Yacht Club in Newport Beach, CA.

Reflecting the university’s motto – “In the Nation’s Service and in the Service of All Nations” – the award is presented each year to a deserving individual living in Orange County who has demonstrated a commitment to serving our country. That service can represent efforts on a local, regional, national or global level.

Ellen was recognized for her tremendous contributions to the Club, including establishing the Princeton Book Award for Secondary Schools, her efforts as coordinator for the graduate school alumni and Princeton in Education series, and for her extensive interviewing of high school seniors for the Alumni Schools Council.

In 2008, largely due to Ellen’s efforts, the PCOC was a co-winner of the Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni Regional Association Award for increasing participation of Princeton graduate alumni in its regional activities and fostering the cause of graduate education.

The annual dinner, which was one of the best-attended events in the Club’s history, also featured an insightful and entertaining presentation by Professor Lawrence Rosen from Princeton’s Anthropology department on Arab culture and politics.